1. 1. All consultations will be based on charts cast on Raman Ayanamsa.

  2. 2. No guarantee for the fulfilment of predictions made or for any products supplied is given or implied and no responsibility whatsoever, for consequences arising thereof, will be assumed or taken, in present or in future.

  3. 3. Once consultation is done, no further correspondence on this will be entertained.

  4. 4. Send relevant and full case history, complete and correct birth date. If incorrect birth details are furnished knowingly or unknowingly and consultation is done, fresh remittance in full has to be made for a fresh consultation, if required by the client.

  5. 5. Fee once paid will not be refunded nor will any adjustments be made under any circumstances. Time required is anywhere from 4 - 6 weeks depending on work load after full confirmation of the order. Do not send reminders which will not be entertained.

  6. 6. Any important development during the waiting period must be notified immediately. In case of delay, in giving consultation, due to unavoidable reasons, request can be made for refund of money. No interest will be paid on this.

  7. 7. All predictions will be based on Hindu Astrological Cannons. The right to reject any predictive work at any point of time before or after confirmation of the order without assigning any reason whatsoever is reserved.

  8. 8. All furnished information will be treated in confidence.

Important Terms & Conditions