About Founder

Ruchi is a familiar name in the field of astrology. In her home city—Bengaluru—she is a household name and a favorite. From her youth, she was drawn to not only Astrology, but also philosophy, yoga, and spirituality. She was fascinated by how planetary forces and other energies can have an impact on our day-to-day lives. This interest later grew into a passion and a desire to help others using her expertise. She helps people recognize opportunities and overcome obstacles.

She has been providing astrological consultations over a decade. Her clientele includes people from all walks of life—intellectuals, educators, professionals, and students being some of them. She has received a lot of gratitude and appreciation from her clients for her accurate predictions and guidance. Most of all, her clients value her gentle and caring nature and her willingness to help others navigate life.

For Ruchi, her clients are more than just that— they are real people with real problems. She strives to guide each one to the best of her abilities and does not believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. She devotes time to speak to each client and to understand them. Her positive energy and affectionate manner are just as helpful as the personalized guidance she gives them. Many mentally and physically unwell people have benefitted from her help.

She is a proponent of the Hindu system of Astrology and its various branches like Prashna, Jaimini, Yogini, Ashtakavarga, and Varshaphala.

Her other areas of interest are psychic and holistic healing of mental and physical ailments, the theory of Punya and Karma, Re-incarnation, Life After Death, Life Before Death, Shakuna shastra (Omens), analyzing dreams, and studying Nature (Prakriti). Her passion is Medical Astrology i.e. trying to analyze disease from a horoscope.

Ruchi is an expert in Vastu shastra and has given Vastu solutions to many households. She does not believe in demolition to make a building Vastu-compliant. In many cases, she advised simple Vastu changes which gave very positive results and lasting peace of mind.

She is also an expert in Mantra shastra and suggests appropriate mantras for jaap or chanting. Based on one’s horoscope, certain mantras assist in improving health, gaining peace of mind, or progressing spiritually.

In special cases, Ruchi recommends certain specific havans which are performed under her guidance. Havans are a special type of puja that are used to mitigate negative planetary effects and to help achieve one’s dreams and aspirations. Many clients have found relief and peace, and have attained their desires.